Seeing your face in ultra-high definition – with a computer tracing every wrinkle, pore, blood vessel and sunspots, plus texture and pigmentation – is a confronting, oddly fascinating experience. Part of me wants to dissect every tiny blemish; the other half would rather live in blissful ignorance.

The Visia scan is a non-invasive facial scanner that uses photography to look deep into your skin, identifying areas of potential concern that might not be visible at the surface.

A paid service at some clinics, it’s complimentary at Script Skincare, a super-sleek retailer and treatment centre that uses a specially coded algorithm to pick which products work best for your face. The first one opened in South Yarra in 2019, followed by a Doncaster location in 2020 and another at Emporium in the CBD, which opened in late 2021.

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Script was started by Professor Greg Goodman, who’s had more than 30 years of experience as a dermatologist. “The recurrent question that a patient would have when they’re leaving a consultation was always, ‘Doc, what should I be using on my skin?’ and I’d kind of freeze like a deer in the headlights,” he tells Broadsheet. “I know skincare back to front, but you just can’t remember hundreds of products in your head or know everything about a patient’s skin.”

That’s why he set to work developing an algorithm that factors in a person’s skin type, the concerns they want to address, their sensitivities and even their gender – overall there are roughly 14,000 different combinations for an individual’s skin profile.

The most common skin concerns, according to Goodman, have to do with colouration – either pigmentation like melasma or general redness – followed by aging and sun damage. The results of the free Visia scan help quantify the effects, and can point out other potential concerns that had previously gone unnoticed.

After your skin profile has been determined, the algorithm assigns you a brand new regimen of around five products to help you reach your goals. Unlike skincare clinics that only stock a handful of brands and items, Script carries 400 products from 20 high-end cosmeceutical brands specialising in scientifically proven active ingredients, including Asap, Cosmedix, La Clinica, Medik8, Skinceuticals and Synergie Skin.

Usually, the suggested routine would include a cleanser and moisturiser based on your skin type, an antioxidant for the morning, a daily sunscreen and a reparative night-time serum to target your specific concerns (usually a retinoid, exfoliant, vitamin C or anti-acne treatment).

You’ll find a selection of these products on display in each of the sleek, cool, blue-accented clinics. They were designed by leading local firm Hecker Guthrie, which won the award for retail design at the 2020 Australian Interior Design Awards (for Script’s South Yarra store). In Doncaster, for example, glass bricks separate the clinic from the rest of the shopping centre, with blue terrazzo, stainless steel and mirrored surfaces punctuating the space.

“The cosmeceuticals we have are high-end cosmeceuticals – they’re not what you’d buy at the supermarket or the pharmacy – so I thought we needed the environment to match. The outcome [on your skin] should be beautiful and elegant, and we thought the experience should be as well,” Goodman says.

Script also offers more than 20 different skin treatments, such as laser, microdermabrasion, lactic-acid peels, gold toning and skin tightening. The most popular is the Hydrafacial, a four-in-one treatment that includes a thorough cleanse, a peel, suction extractions and an infusion of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid for hydration.

Script Skincare has locations in South Yarra, Doncaster and the CBD. Book an appointment online.