"No one has a pair of feet in the strict sense of the term, although we think nothing about going out and buying a pair of shoes," the founder of G.J.Cleverley shoes, George Glasgow, is known to have said. It’s a good thing, then, that men’s shoe store Double Monk is hosting a G.J.Cleverley trunk show with current CEO, George Glasgow Jr., to talk and fit bespoke shoes this weekend.

Since establishing his business in London in 1958, George Cleverley hand made shoes for the elegant, dapper, quality conscious and eccentric until his death in 1991 at the age of 93. In 1978 he handed the reigns over to George Glasgow who has done the same with his son George Glasgow Jr. – the name George obviously being the sure-fire way to the top in this business.

Famous for its ‘suspiciously square toe’, G.J.Cleverley shoes have been carried by Double Monk since the store opened 15 months ago. But this is only the second time Glasgow Jr. has offered the bespoke service locally.

It’s a chance for the curious and keen to view the made-to-order options, which offer the entire catalogue of shoes in any colour or leather, which will be handmade and ready to wear in four months.

The bespoke treatment is more involved. It will take a year to make your first pair. Initially, a last will be made that will, over the years, quite literally be your foot in the door at the London workroom, halving the time it will take to make any subsequent pairs of shoes.

There is no way to soften the blow when telling you what this service costs, other than to say that a craft is being kept alive, your shoes will likely last you for the rest of your life and no one – no one – will have a pair like yours.

The bespoke service starts at £2800 pounds (that’s more than $5000) and a pair of G.J.Cleverley collection or made-to-order shoes starts at $895.

Glasgow Jr. puts it like this: “Always spend good money on your shoes and your bed because if you’re not in one, chances are, you’re in the other.”

G.J. Cleverley Trunk Show at Double Monk
53 Smith Street, Fitzroy
(03) 9417 3335

Friday March 14, 2–7pm
Saturday March 15, 10am–7pm