In an industry inundated with trend-based pieces that will most likely be unfashionable next season, Annie Wu, the artist and designer behind Article, is more concerned with the practical form and structure of a garment.

Founded as a way to recollect, document and archive all the garments she has made over the past 10 years, Wu has launched an online platform via which she can now share her creations with the public as she makes them, one article of clothing at a time.

With a clean and minimalist aesthetic, Wu's wearables have already garnered attention in the Netherlands, where she has spent the past five years studying and working. Wu, who holds a masters in fine art, says that Article is not swayed by the whims of fashion.

"I have a love-hate relationship with fashion," she says. "I don't think there's anything necessarily fashionable about my clothes because it’s not trend or season-based."

Indeed, there’s nothing fleeting about these articles of clothing – just Wu's take on classic garments, which keeps the modern man and woman in mind.

The clothes are wearable, stylish and made with natural fibres for quality and comfort. Think silk basics, cotton fleeces and effortlessly cool coats that exude a timeless design that comes from elegant simplicity.

Each article is made on demand and in limited quantities, assuring that each piece remains somewhat unique and without an expiry date.