Berries, sesame seeds and black Russian carrots might seem like the kinds of things we are more likely to put in our mouths rather than on our faces, but new skincare range ManeNocte uses these natural ingredients to create a rather unique line of products. Derived from the Latin translation of morning (Mane) and night (Nocte), ManeNocte offers a solution to traditional skin care brands, delivering anti-routine skincare with some historical links to folk science and medicinal properties.

Applying ancient apothecary practices, the product is bottled in custom-tinted glass bottles. Each strain is naturally tinted in creamy gold and magenta respectively to represent the day and night formulations specific to men and women.

To launch the brand, ManeNocte has opened two concept stores – one here in Melbourne and another in Sydney. The glass-fronted Melbourne concept store, in the CBD, is minimalist in character and features a floor-to-ceiling illustration by Canadian artist Acorn, who was commissioned to create the artwork for the launch of the Version 1.0 range, which features his ink drawings of diurnal (day) and nocturnal (night) birds on its packaging.

Each new product range will be celebrated with the help of a young artist. Prolific model turned photographer and blogger, Candice Lake, joins the collaboration for the first drop, but we hear there are plans to expand the range down the track.

For now, we’re happy that they’re keeping it simple, with one product for your face at night and another during the day. Easy.

ManeNocte Concept Store
46 Royal Arcade, 335 Bourke Street, Melbourne
(03) 9654 4011

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