The Social Studio has gone digital with the launch of its new printing studio, an in-store digital printing service catering to fashion students, interior designers and commercial fashion designers.

“We hope to offer a really personalised service and one that can offer the manufacturing as well, so if people do want to do clothing, they can have it printed and made locally,” says Anna Sassi, The Social Studio’s head of digital design.

The digital printing service, which is a far more efficient printing process and produces minimal waste, hones The Social Studio’s focus on sustainable, ethical fashion.

The Social Studio currently runs courses in fashion design and production, specifically for refugees and new members of migrant communities, with the students’ designs being sold in-store each year.

The Printing Studio is an opportunity for textile design courses to be introduced into the program, creating pathways into the industry, as well as providing unique prints to incorporate into The Social Studio collections.

The current collection, TSS7, uses donated fabric remnants as well as one of the selected prints from the first short digital design course – a geometric pattern in hues of lemon, navy and peach.

“What we hope the digital print will do is sort of bring the collection together,” says Sassi.

“So we’re definitely still going to use all our crazy, donated and beautiful fabrics, because that’s who we are, but hopefully the digital print will give a common element to the collection.”

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