The mention of family evokes several connotations. Whether via blood or affinity, family is often the foundation from which we craft our ideals, views and way of life. And for the most of us, family will continually evolve: from childhood, when our experiences predominantly revolve around our family, to the inclusion of friends as part of our most cherished inner circle as young adults.

Fresh off the press, the latest issue of Incu’s free mini magazine Incu EDITION shares candid and personal interviews with designers, collaborators and friends about familial experience, recounting charming stories of small-town upbringings, struggles to fit in and desires to stand out. In what can be a cold and alienating world, it’s inspiring to see young, creative people drawing stability, support and meaning from their kinfolk.

The magazine also offers a glimpse into the world of siblings – more specifically, twins – who collaborate on joint creative ventures. Producing Champ magazine from two different hemispheres, twins Joanna and Monique Kawecki have to rely largely on their trust in each other’s vision for the magazine, while Incu founders Brian and Vincent Wu debunk the myths of extra sensory perception (E.S.P.) and attribute much of their success to the values their parents instilled in them. Author and the perennially hilarious Benjamin Law chats to Incu’s Matt Lennon about growing up in, as he puts it, the “most bogan of the bogan” Sunshine Coast.

Also featuring in this issue are Brenda Briand, designer and director of accessories label Benah, whose childhood involved haymaking, sheep shearing and mushroom picking, as well as three personal recollections of family from writer and Broadsheet contributor Nicholas Acquroff.

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