Ellery is a label that knows how to get hearts racing in the most nonchalant of ways. Its sex appeal is usually subtle and sleek, and exudes an effortless attitude. It can be found within the wardrobes of bronzed Sydneysiders who can't get enough of the label's power-blazers and glamour meets bohemian panache. However, judging by the name of their recent spring collection, Homoerotic Post-Punk Soft Porn, designer Kim Ellery may be upping the ante when it comes to the label's image.

Of course, there is more of an artistic edge to the label's sexual name. In fact the collection has a wide range of influences that don't necessarily relate to erotica. There is a voyeuristic element to the collection as dresses toy with slight glimpses of skin, unusual cut-out shapes and translucent fabrics, but there are also surprising, more innocent references afoot.

According to Kim, the collection's colours were influenced by the Wes Anderson film Fantastic Mr Fox. Delicious butterscotch hues, soft neutrals and fuzzy textures channel the movie's collaged style.

Ellery's sculptural signatures are still visible – the extreme bell-bottom pant, the sculptural blazer, the curved midriff – but the look is a lot darker compared to last summer's shimmering range.

There is still shine there in the form of a deep gold dress, butterscotch leather top, metallic leopard print and crystallised ginger silk blazer, but overall the collection’s classic pieces have been reworked to encompass a darker, modern take.