The Shake of Ophelia is the story of a girl who, born into wealth and a life of luxury, flees to The Orient of Africa and the mazes of the Far East to accompany a travelling spice merchant. Escaping a life of privilege, Ophelia world soon becomes abundant with colour and rich in detail, much like the new Elke Kramer accessories collection, of which the stories inspires.

Australian Jewellery designer Elke Kramer has released her spring/summer accessories collection and it is quite something.

The collection is plentiful with varying colours and styles of oversized stones in irregular shapes and a layered, twisted and knotted aesthetic. The collection is a mix of ebony, jasper, deep beetroot, bloodstone and ash in resin, with brass and gold clasps, elongated tassels in pedants and earring with beads and traditional motifs. The collection brings us ornamental style accessories and is accompanied with small range of leather bags and purses too.

Elke Kramer is stocked across the globe, but in Melbourne you can find it at Alphaville, NGV Shop, Hokey Curator, Obus, Little Salon and Bahamonde.

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