One of the things that makes Alice Edgeley so appealing as a fashion designer is her discerning enthusiasm for seemingly contradictory elements. This spring, heavy metal, cabaret singers, Lynchian icons and leggy Texan supermodels creep into her collection in a sea of dramatic, feminine forms.

The styling of the photo shoot (shot by Jo Duck), was largely inspired by Italian actress Isabella Rossellini both as Dorothy Vallens in Blue Velvet and Perdita Durango in Wild at Heart, Perdita specifically for her fierce Spanish beauty, shock of yellow hair and Tura Satana-like toughness. Shadows of the character are traceable in Edgeley’s Ventilation Catsuit, a slinky black cotton spandex number that references heavy metal with its skeletal cut-outs. It’s a highly wearable piece that’s equally appropriate for go-go dancing as it is for loafing-at-home.

The performative references continue throughout the collection, creating visions of different places, eras and moods. An off-the-shoulder dress walks the night in perforated black jersey, summoning the festive spirit of Flamenco with its tulle ruffles. A black jersey dress with mesh panels injects the charm of art deco lines into the collection. The beloved heart silhouette dress is updated with a coating of candy-coloured sequins that were born to sparkle beneath stage lights.

The easy glamour of the collection draws on 70s supermodel Jerry Hall’s diaphanous decadence and effortless style. A range of convertible separates cha-cha their way into the range in cocktail coloured hues that contrast with simple shapes designed to be worn alone or layered. A sleeveless wrap dress in mustardy gold segues to a two-tone red and pink shirt-dress and a pleated skirt.

These floaty pieces are made with a silk georgette or crepe de chine, with tissue-thin aprons to match. The highlight is perhaps Lenore, a silk panel dress which flows like a crimson lake and evokes high times wafting in on a summer breeze.

The collection is in store now.

220 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy