As a fashion designer, well any designer for that matter, you work hard on creating an aesthetic, a signature and a philosophy that is yours. I am no different, and if I’m honest that aesthetic never had any room for jewellery. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it; it was just completely superfluous to my signature.

But I appreciate all crafts and those who pursue it. It will always be extremely important to me and jewellery is no different. I have bought pieces in the past I had no intention of wearing, they just worked; they’re beautiful or sculptural or both. And as always there are never any hard and fast rules with jewellery, and always exceptions; some guys can, others can’t.

I have never been one for the ironically cool sterling silver pizza slice necklace or daggy novelty cufflinks, but then there are some ideas just work and they’re not from ubiquitous designer jewellers or bland conservative solutions to a man’s business wardrobe.

Like the cufflinks from Edenborough Evans, they are available in silver, but if you really want sell the point, the matte black epoxy enamel version of these wax seal cuff holders say just the right amount of cool and consideration, with equal measures of dark and mysterious overtones. Pretty much a man’s mission in life really.

Anna Cowen, the designer says she just wanted the pieces to be clean, crisp and masculine, but these commonplace descriptions are so often easier said than done. Cowen’s pieces however, are more than a novelty, more than single-serve fun the first (and only time) you wear them; they’re strong, classic, clean, crisp and masculine. Dammit!

And that’s no easy task.