Molly Younger is a clear product of her creative Byron Bay upbringing, with gallerist parents who inspired an interest in the space between fashion and art.

The Melbourne-based fashion designer and sculptor’s debut collection of natural-latex luggage was hand crafted in her home studio and showroom on Johnston Street in Collingwood.

“My inspiration and conceptualised work come from the Rodinesque, Neoclassic and the Romantic sculpturing periods,” Younger explains. “The way in which sculpture and fashion both represent and display the human figure is very interesting to me.”

This was especially true of her RMIT graduate show: a selection of textural and amorphous garments made from fabric painted with latex, which she showcased in Melbourne and London in 2014. Younger’s new collection is an even deeper evolution of that approach, with the artist’s abstract sculptures doubling as moulds used to make totes, duffels and other forms.

“I have been working with the technique of mould-making for a few years,” she says. “I wanted to continue to use the same materials and techniques, but develop accessories for everyday life with a grounding in conceptual practice.”

The collection includes five styles available in different colours, such as pastel pink, bright yellow, ivory or inky blue. Each piece looks like a wearable work of art, but perhaps the most striking is the Bubble Bag, moulded from the texture of bubble wrap and embossed with Younger’s namesake label in its centre.

“I see both mediums overlap in so many ways. Being heavily influenced by my mum’s [artistic practice], I have always approached fashion with a sculptural and art-based mindset,” she says. “I see myself as an artist, but after developing the skills and techniques over the years within fashion practice, I like to now put the two side by side.”

Molly Younger
54 Johnston Street, Collingwood
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Thu to Fri 11.00am–6.00pm
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This article was updated on May 24, 2018.