Double denim: popular in the 80’s when overalls, perms and scrunchies were perfectly acceptable attire. Since then avoiding double denim has been one of the cardinal rules of fashion. However rules are made to be broken.

In the last few months the resurgence of this trend has been clear. We’ve seen double denim gracing the prestigious pages of Vogue, Elle and the runways of Chloe and Ralph Lauren. Could we be witnessing the comeback of the Canadian tuxedo?

Wrangler's High Summer campaign features the beautiful Tullulah Morton in a light denim summer shirt tucked into summer blue, twiggy jeans. This is a perfect example of double denim working. It’s a classic, soft, flattering look. Unfortunately examples of bad double denim far outweigh the good.

Denim is fantastically versatile material. A good pair of jeans is like a good glass of wine. Guaranteed to boost your confidence and make you feel wonderful. But like too much wine too much denim can have disastrous results. You want to look stylish and chic not tacky or tragic.

Here are some tips to help you avoid looking like an 80’s soap star.

  • Wear contrasting shades of denim rather than matching. Darker on the bottom (It’s slimming).
  • Keep your denim well fitted. Jackets this season are tighter than the 80’s.
  • Keep the denim clean- no embroidery or diamantes.
  • Don’t be afraid to show a bit of skin. Rolled up sleeves, unbuttoned shirt or cut out shoulders soften the look.
  • Finally do not perm your hair or wear a denim hat. Some things are best left in the 80’s.
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