From effortless cool to laid-back, off-duty outfits, Melbourne’s sartorial style never dissapoints. Our stylish snappers hit the streets of the inner-city, from Collingwood and Clifton Hill to St Kilda and Port Melbourne to find some of our more stylish citizens. Have a gander at some of our favourite looks of the moment.

Gideon Cohen, Keele Street, Collingwood

Age: 27 Occupation: Freelance journalist What are you wearing today? I am wearing a Diesel jumper that I got second-hand from Depop, but it’s like new, and then the jeans are from Afends. I’ve had them for a while. The shoes are vegan Doc Martens – nice and chunky. My T-shirt I think is Cos, but I bought it second-hand from Goodbyes in Prahran. How would you describe your style? Slightly refined black grunge. Minimalist, turbo and techno.

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Claire, Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn

Age: 48 Occupation: Business owner What are you wearing today? I’m wearing an old Morrison skirt and a Bassike T-shirt. I’ve also got on my black Adidas Sambas – they’re so comfy. How would you describe your style? I’m all about comfort! Today I just have to do a few chores, go to the bookshop and then head back home.

Finn Watt, Queens Parade, Clifton Hill

Age: 21 Occupation: Account coordination and customer care at Birkenstock What are you wearing today? I’m wearing a shawl cardigan from a Korean online store called Lewkin. I have this dress but it’s very short so I’ve tucked it into my jeans, which I got from an op shop. I like to upcycle, but I didn’t do the fringe myself. The bag is Freitag from Keoma and I really like its sustainable feel. My shoes are a discounted style from Birkenstock. How would you describe your style? It really depends on the day; I like to go all different ways. Today it’s a mixture of a preppy look with a streetwear aspect that’s a bit more grunge.

Pauline, Bay Street, Port Melbourne

Age: 27 Occupation: Studying a master's in marketing What are you wearing today? It’s just a basic outfit: a leather jacket, skirt and sneakers. Most of it I got from Universal Store. The bag is from Cos, the sneakers are New Balance and the sunglasses are Chanel. How would you describe your style? I like a cool style – and Y2K usually, although not today. Normally, it’s just a basic colour – I guess I’m monochromatic – it goes with everything.

Toor, Armstrong Street, Middle Park

Age: 47 Occupation: Relationship manager What are you wearing today? The shoes are Nike and I just bought them in Kuala Lumpur, the pants are Diesel from Singapore and the top I got in India. The pocket square is Paul Smith. Rather than a proper pocket square though, it has to be a handkerchief in case a lady needs it – you can pull it out and it still makes you look cool. How would you describe your style? It’s your vision – I think everyone has a vision of themselves. So, when you put yourself together, I think it looks good.

Shaun Gordon, Acland Street, St Kilda

Age: 33 Occupation: Teacher What are you wearing today? This is my basic work look. The pants are from Tokyo, the shoes are Alexander McQueen, and this is just a basic long-sleeved shirt for work. My necklace is Christian Dior and the tote bag was made by a student with a drawing he did of me on it. How would you describe your style? I would say there’s more androgyny in my style. Lots of black – I think someone who has an eye can use texture to style themselves and not just base it on colour. Although sometimes I have a pop of colour in a bag and I just roll with it. I stick to black, sometimes monochrome, but more black – very Melbourne.

Anthony Iorlano, Burke Avenue, Camberwell

Age: 27 Occupation: Van driver What are you wearing today? I’ve got some brown leather boots on with a pair of blue jeans and a camo green button-up short-sleeve shirt. The shoes are from Merchant and the pants and top are from The Iconic. How would you describe your style? My style is quite casual, but semi-smart casual. I like tighter pants and a loose-fitting top. I decide on outfits by wearing whatever my favourite thing is at the time and just changing the colour. I love green and usually always wear some sort of green in my look.

Hayashi Mado, Errol Street, North Melbourne

Age: 25 Occupation: Student What are you wearing today? That’s a tough question! I bought these pieces with my mum in China. Mostly from a website – she knows the sources, but I’m not quite sure about the brands. I picked the colour, size and style. I’m wearing a cap today because the sunshine is strong and I forgot to wear sunscreen. It also gives me a relaxed look. How would you describe your style? I like blue quite a lot. I often wear some blue or purple eye shadow. I choose comfortable clothes because I’m a student now and this sort of outfit is great for going to uni. I would say my style fluctuates – I like to dress quite genderless and androgynous.

This article first appeared in Domain Review, in partnership with Broadsheet.