There’s really no reason why your dog shouldn’t look as good as you do in a studded, Italian leather belt. That’s what two local dog-loving ladies – Peta Clark and Anje Bos – decided before embarking on their quest to make some of the smartest looking dog collars and leads in town.

Now these aren’t your regular pet shop accessories. Based in Melbourne, The Dog Collar Company designs fine, handcrafted collars for your pooch with Italian leather, embellishments, buckles, keepers and D-rings, which make for the most durable pet accessory – if not best dressed pet – in the park. The leads are strong and have padded handles for those more excitable of characters, and a made-to-measure service is also available for those with specials needs and taste.

The name is perhaps a little misleading, as The Dog Collar Company also has a range for cats too and now makes over 80 styles of collars, leads, doggy bags and even belts for the owner who wants to look as good as their pet.

The latest addition to the label is a range titled Wet & Wild. Made from PVC and nylon, the Wet & Wild line is suitable for the active animal, moving from cafe to country, beach and beyond.

These are for the lucky dogs.