After too many rainy days at festivals sporting frizzy hair and compromised outfits, two friends – Kelly Power and Chanelle Calderwood – decided to do something about it. “After living in Melbourne our whole lives, with such unpredictable weather, we found we didn’t always want to carry a big umbrella or coat with us,” Power says. So they began to think about something lightweight and easy to transport, with somewhere to package it when the sun comes out in the afternoon. And so the Rayncape was born.

Forget cheap plastic ‘emergency ponchos’ or unflattering hiking gear, Rayncapes are made from lightweight PVC material and are 100 per cent wind and waterproof. It’s a nifty idea, available in three colours (midnight black, raisin and beige), so these capes won’t clash with your carefully chosen outfits.

“As we come into spring, these are perfect for people heading to the races, but also for the everyday commuter,” says Power. Rayncapes also provide their wearers with a small pouch to squirrel the cape away, compact enough to store in a handbag. Neat!

So if you’re sick of leaving you umbrella at a cafe, ditch it for a Rayncape. One size fits all and they’re available online at Design a Space (Prahran store) and Luna on Greville Street for $49.95.

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