We take a designer step in time this week as independent company AÃRK Collective launch a striking watch collection, pairing simplicity with originality to create some minimalist watches born out of a shared vision and purpose by their Melbourne-based co-founders.

With a combined appreciation of geometry, graphic elements and minimalist design, the innovative minds behind AÃRK have produced a range of unisex timepieces that come in three sophisticated models. There is the ‘Classic’, a careful blend of aesthetic value and functionality in six unique colours; the ‘Timeless’, a design that honors luxury while maintaining a sense of refinement and restraint; and finally, the ‘Iconic’, a durable piece inspired by industrial and avionic instruments.

The idea is to start and end with quality raw material. Each watch is crafted from organic, resilient elements including PVD ion-plated 316L surgical steel, Italian calfskin leather and precision Japanese Quartz movements. And yet AÃRK emphasise that they are first and foremost a design company – the product came later.

AÃRK Collective watches are available online.