Collective business structures combined with defunct warehouse spaces, caffeine and good-looking craftsmen just seem to work. The ingredients are just right; the shoe always seems to fit.

And so comes arrives Threebyone’s Melbourne flagship retail concept, SERVICE. Conceived by the team behind denim labels NEUW, Rolla’s and Abrand, SERVICE speaks for itself, offering premium products and amenities within and beyond a standard retail capacity.

Operating out of a large, defunct textiles factory built in Fitzroy in the 1920s, the space showcases collections from all three brands, whilst also lending itself to multi-talented creatives looking to share a common space – from everyday denim enthusiasts to artists, designers and musicians.

Keeping in line with Threebyone’s commitment to vintage revision and a premium fit, the SERVICE store is an ideal backdrop for long-time denim forager and creative director Par Lundqvist, who boasts a prized collection of over 3000 pairs of jeans. With the inclusion of an atelier space, Lundqvist offers individually customised and tailored denim for all.

Combining the factory’s raw industrial armature with timber, leather and a customised black steel door, SERVICE functions as a gateway into the world of Threebyone’s cult denim culture. And staying true to its Melbournian roots, keep an eye out for the coffee shop and brew bar coming soon.

397 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

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