Arguably the Western world’s favourite textile, denim is being honoured by artists from Australia and abroad in forthcoming exhibition Denim at Japanese-inspired Sydney Road gallery and store, Mr Kitly.

Curated by Dell Stewart, Denim investigates the subtlety and nuance of the fabric as well as its enduring ability to adapt and retain an edge throughout time. It is undeniable that the fabric has come a long way from its first use in the 17th century as a tough, resilient material for work clothes. Since then, its various styles have symbolised anything from James Dean-era counterculture to 70s Woodstock rebellion and grunge circa 1990.

In Denim, it is re-purposed and re-imagined again, this time by artists and craftspeople of various persuasions. The exhibition features local artists Jen Bartholomew, Penelope Durston, Mona Electric, Max Olijnyk (Note to Self) and Dell Stewart, as well as Lyn Balzer and Tony Perkins from Sydney and several others from Brooklyn, Antwerp and London. In the appropriate confines of gallery and store Mr Kitly, located above an old fabric store on Brunswick’s Sydney Road, Denim is a satellite event of Craft Cubed 2011, organised by Craft Victoria.

Denim opens on Friday, August 5 at Mr Kitly and runs until August 21.