US photographer David LaChapelle has shot some pretty amazing pictures in his time. From Kurt Cobain lying dead over Courtney Love to Elton John surfing a leopard print piano and Madonna lying in front of a purple dragon, and a multitude of fantastical fashion campaigns. His extravagant shots are sometimes surreal and unbelievable, sometimes grotesque and sometimes downright dirty. The production values soar with post-production effects, but his style is unique and the images he produces are visually amazing.

In the next couple of weeks LaChappelle will show up on Australian shores, only this time he isn't shooting Lady Gage nearly nude and he's not bringing his fancy lens. He's here for a project with Nokia, and he will be shooting regular people, inviting volunteers to have their photo taken, using a camera phone to capture a diverse sample of urban society. A publicity stunt for the phone company, it will also be the first time LaChapelle has turned his photographic eye on the general public in Melbourne and Sydney.

As collaborative project with the subjects, LaChappelle is looking for interesting looking people from young kids to old timers, and anyone in between. People can show up in whatever they want and bare all, or not, for LaChappelle.