The latest in Paris’ contemporary fashion has just arrived on Melbourne’s doorstep at Gertrude Street’s Left boutique. Damir Doma’s autumn/winter 2011 collection was rapturously received at Paris Fashion Week, of which a carefully curated collection is now available to Melbourne’s avid followers and lovers of high-end international fashion.

The collection that is to feature at Left will draw on the very best of Doma’s latest designs, made from textiles that incorporate raw cottons, sheer cashmeres and washed leathers that encapsulate the garments in one word; luxurious. Voluminous coats, fitted jackets and jerseys with draped necklines are the central to the theme of Doma’s current collection, and coupled with a muted colour palette of mixed greys, dirty green, chocolate and midnight blue.

It may not be winter on this side of the world, but Damir Doma’s garments from Paris are an exciting new addition to the fashion scene in Melbourne come rain, hail or shine.

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