It is never very ladylike for the seam of your undies to show through your skirt. Nor is it sophisticated for your lacy bra to poke through your fitted blouse. Leaving a little more to the imagination, sexy is all under the surface for Melbourne label Cylk (pronounced 'silk').

Cylk are using Italian Santoni machines to produce a seamless stitch, a method that eliminates the need to join two pieces of fabric.

Emily Nasr and Keshia Abeysekera are the ladies behind the seamless knit line of luxury blends for women, which also happens to be one of the first fashion labels in Australia to use organic threads made with bamboo blends. Taking a sustainable approach to their seamless range, they're weaving natural bamboo fibres with silk, linen and modals.

"Specialising in seamless designs, we are pretty niche in terms of technology. Our jacquards are incredible as they are designed and programmed into the machines to be knitted into the garments," Nasr comments. "Our use of bamboo blends also show that a move towards sustainable fashion doesn't mean sacrificing style." So, gone are the days of the shapeless hemp sack and slacks.

Using this system of highly versatile patterning allowing, large intricate designs, a silk/bamboo weave blend creates a fabric with the softness of a cashmere knit, but is more breathable than a cotton t-shirt.

Cylk have just released their Summer '10 range, Reverie. Cylk have a temporary store at Melbourne Central until mid August.

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