After selling out of their first order in just a couple of weeks, Dagmar Rousset are taking pre-orders for their second shipment of a limited range of Portuguese-inspired cork clogs crafted by Berlin brand Reality Studio.

The brand's designers, Svenja Specht and Yoske Nishiumi, have a deep interest in ancient crafts, weaving traditional techniques into their contemporary designs. There latest range of cork footwear was inspired by their travels through Portugal, where cork is an extremely important material to the country's culture and economy.

"We spent one month in Portugal and were very inspired by this beautiful country," says Nishiumi. "That's why we didn't want to use only the good production possibilities there but also integrate something of this country into the design of the shoes."

Enough cork oak trees in Portugal are stripped of their bark each year to produce around 50 per cent of the world's cork. In a neat parallel, half of the Reality Studio shoe is made from Portuguese cork, the other half leather. The high, rounded backs of their boots also reference the design of traditional northern Portuguese shoes.

Dagmar Rousset are exclusively stocking the Reality Studio’s cork mini-clogs and Ana Mules in black, and the boots and Mary Jane Mules in cream. If you want to get your hands on a pair, pre-order is available online and in store for an early May arrival.

Dagmar Rousset
157 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

Reality Studios