Collette Dinnigan has long been regarded as our unofficial ambassador of Australian fashion, with her collections celebrated on the catwalks of London and Paris and stores in the Middle East, Europe, the United States and Asia. So when we heard the news that she was opening her brand new flagship store in High Street, Armadale, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of glee.

Dinnigan’s designs capture modern femininity with an effortless charm. With luxury fabrics such as silk and lace and precious jewels adorning her creations, the wearer can’t help but feel like a little like royalty. Each garment is handmade in Sydney and the intricate details that feature in any given piece justifies the high-end price tag. As you reach for a colourful, flowing, hand-dyed silk dress and read “This is number 12 of 30 made worldwide”, you realise you are holding a collectable.

The new store in Armadale reflects the luxury and elegance of the clothes on show within it. Situated in one of the charming two-storey terrace houses that line the street, Dinnigan’s boutique stocks both her seasonal and bridal collections. Trying on in the store is a must; the charmingly appointed dressing rooms comprise chandeliers and floor length curtains.

With her great success abroad, it is fantastic to see that Dinnigan opening a brand new store back where it all started.

Collette Dinnigan
1015 High Street, Armadale
(03) 9827 2111

Mon to Thurs 9.30am–5.30pm
Fri 9.30am–6pm
Sat 9.30–5pm
Sun 11am–5pm