If fun comes with numbers, then Collection 3056 is set to be a merry evening indeed. No, it's not a crowd of 3056, but a group of eight designers, banding together to show their designs as part of the official program for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

Amongst the eight-strong group are labels such as Anna Cat, A Name is a Label, Lhords, NMBQ, Jack of Diamons, Hand Hook Yarn, Neisha and Ella, with local stylist Bianca Christoff bringing them all together as the event's artistic director. Though technically a group show, Collection 3056 could be viewed more as an illustration of community, with all eight designers hailing from the creative hub of Brunswick.

A postcode (hence the name) isn't the only thing the group shares. Another combining factor is their dedication to ethical and sustainable design practices, a key topic at this year's fashion week. "I think it’s incredibly important to dispel the association that ‘ethical clothing’ means clothes made out of hessian bags," notes Bianca Christoff. Having worked for a wide range of publications as a stylist, Christoff took on the position of artistic director with a strong belief in nurturing the designers, their practices and the independent design community at large.

"It’s really heartening when you meet these independent designers who are completely devoted to producing locally and ethically, even when they could be going offshore and to make their garments for a tenth of the price," she says. "It’s about being able to gather a group of professional industry people who really believe in this project and can work as a collaborative team to harness this idea and create a pretty incredible show."

Christoff has designed Collection 3056 to be fashion forward whilst also maintaining an independent sense of creativity. Renowned electronic live drawing artist and participant of MONA FOMA this year, Kellie O’Dempsey, will also be creating visuals for the show, further emphasising Collection 3056’s unique and forward-thinking approach.

If you would like to support Collection 3056, donations can be made at pozible.com. Pre-purchase tickets to the show online.

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