So the story goes, one morning, a couple of ladies strolled into Station Street and asked if they could take the cafe’s used coffee grinds. The barista was perplexed by the request, but obliged and handed over his rubbish bags, but not before questioning them on it.

Turns out they were using the coffee grounds as an exfoliator.

It might seem obvious that rubbing certain rough, grainy substances on your skin will buff it smooth (think sand, sugar, salt and oatmeal even). But coffee?

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Created by the girls at Willow & Blake, Frank proposes that coffee possesses more natural goodness for your skin than just its rough edges. They did some research, took a trip to Bali to visit a few salons and found out that coffee does actually have beneficial properties for your skin (targeting cellulite in particular). They also found that fresh coffee is best, when caffeine content is higher.

Using ground Arabica coffee beans (caffeine stimulates blood flow and exfoliates), cold pressed sweet almond oil (vitamin A, E and D), brown sugar and sea salt (exfoliation) and orange essence (smells nice), Frank Body scrub was born. It’s all-natural, made locally in Melbourne and the team have plans to release a milk body wash (coffee and milk) and green tea body mask too.

To be frank, it’s damn messy and perhaps it’s easier just to drink the stuff. But they’ll tell you that you need to get dirty before you get clean.

Try it for yourself. We’ve got a few bags of Frank to giveaway. To win, email us at with the subject ‘Frank Body’ and your address.

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