Irishman Steven Blick (formerly of Captains of Industry) has moved his private hairdressing salon to a new location in a very suave 1920s medical suite on Collins Street. Blick strives to create a comfortable atmosphere for his clientele through providing a unique space where it is only the client and himself for one dedicated hour.

Herr Blick’s approach to hairdressing is strictly no-fuss and responsive to the clients direction. Don’t worry, there’s no risk of a haircut going astray. A session can be convivial and chatty but there’s no pressure to talk about, well, anything, if you prefer. The phone won’t ring and he won’t leave you with a magazine. Eschewing elaborate feats of scissor wielding and combustible sprays, Blick will take his time, offer you a drink from his spirits cabinet and craft a hairstyle that suits you, in consultation with you.

This is not an ordinary hairdressing salon and Blick has gone to some lengths to create a space that is harmonious and chic. It’s fitted out with furniture from Grandfather’s Axe, ephemera from taxidermy connoisseurs Wunderkrammer and art from vintage posters specialist Galerie Montmartre.

Clients are both young and old so you’ll never know who you might bump into as you ascend the stairs to Herr Blick. Prices are very reasonable considering they buy you a one-hour, one-on-one session with a seasoned cutter, in smart surrounds with great city skyline views.

Herr Blick
Level 1, Suite 13-14 Little Collins Street, Melbourne
(03) 9005 4612

Wed 12pm–8pm
Thu 10am–8pm
Fri-Sat 9am–8pm

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