At first glance, the new Carryology Concept Store could be mistaken for a standard luggage shop. But there’s a little more to it.

Borne from the success of the review blog of the same name,, the Fitzroy store is packed with all things “carry”: bags, wallets, cases and accessories. The space is divided into three basic areas (everyday, outdoor, travel), and also includes dedicated cycling and photography sections.

From ultra-rare Japanese briefcases to the 90-litre Douchebag “Big Bastard” suitcase, co-owner Andy Fallshaw and his team have curated the website’s top-rated items into one handy offline place. Stock is predominantly unisex and comes from all over the world. The store carries a number of limited-edition items, and several Australia-only exclusives.

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“One of my favourites is from a Russian brand called RUKI-KRYKI,” Fallshaw says. “It’s this one guy [Vladimir Kovalev] who designs, sews and stiches everything himself. He does it from this tiny little town, and he’s making some of the best-crafted bags around.”

Customers are greeted in-store by a team of knowledgeable “carry ninjas” who’ll help you find what you need.

“People want something that speaks to them,” Fallshaw says. “Everything in the store has been carefully considered, so we can help someone better live a more flexible life.”

Carryology Concept Store

417 Smith Street, Fitzroy

(03) 9036 9051

Tue to Sat 10am‒6pm
Sun 11am‒5pm