A new range of bags from Okinawa-based label Made in Occupied Japan has arrived at men’s concept store The Practical Man.

The khaki-green shoulder bags are made out of reclaimed US military tents, which were left in Okinawa after World War Two when the Allies occupied Japan.

The various cuts of tent material make each bag unique.

The bags, which are finished with a leather strap and waterproof orange tarpaulin lining, come in two different styles.

The smaller shoulder bag is $349 and the larger weekend bag is $499.

Brett Webster, who co-founded the Flinders Lane store in 2015 with Simon Cozens and Jon Weller, says The Practical Man seeks out brands that are different or have a unique past. “When I came across Made in Occupied Japan along my travels I knew I wanted them in-store,” he says.

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While admitting they’re an investment, Webster believes they’re beautifully designed; each is a one-off and is a well-made addition to a man’s wardrobe.

They’re also durable and “will only get better with age”, developing their own patina over time.

“As the fabric wears the piece will develop more individuality, which I think is exactly what makes an item worth cherishing.”

Made in Occupied Japan bags are available at The Practical Man at Shop 4, 237–239 Flinders Lane (entrance off Scott Alley), Melbourne or online at thepracticalman.com.

Opening hours:
Mon–Sat 11am–6pm
Sun 12pm–5pm