As an industry primarily focused on the visual, the presentation of fashion is often just as important as the physical garments them selves. Well aware this importance, designer Carly Hunter’s unique presentations and conceptual visuals have become synonymous with her intelligent collections. From layered transparency to Rorschach blot-like symmetry, each season the Melbourne designer encourages her customers to view the clothes from an abstract point of view.

For her winter 2011 collection, Observations of Hibernation, Hunter has offered up two points of view via a frosty and sinister short film, and glowing look book images. At the core of the collection is her strength of draping and contrasting textures, but much like the name suggestions, the still imagery and film footage depicting the collection, allow for varying observations.

Observations In Hibernation from Carly Hunter on Vimeo.

For the short film Hunter team up with director Alex Goddard, whom she previously worked with for her polka-dot covered summer collection Non Hon Sonno. Shot in black and white at Victoria’s snow covered Lake Mountain, the foggy footage presents an austere and haunting look at the winter collection. As rain drenches model Courtney James, the clothes appear primitive and purely functional in order to protect the wearer from winter’s ruthless weather.

Conversely the look book images bring attention to the collection’s cosy cacoon shapes, sheer twists, blanket style drapes and woollen fabrics, highlighting the warmth and geometric design details of the collection. Following previous colourless collections, the images also showcase the collection’s unexpected colour palate of butterscotch, maroon and cream tones, as well as her signature black.

Whether being worn amongst the elements or snuggling up in doors, the contrasting presentations are testament to the versatility of Observations of Hibernation.

Carly Hunter is stocked in Melbourne at Fat, Alice Euphemia and Fame Agenda.