There’s something addictively renegade about the cover of fashion and culture magazine BRACE’s second issue. Decked out in fur-cuffed Prada coats and don’t-mess-with-me expressions, Australian models Ruby-Jean Wilson and Hirschy offer up the edginess of a couple of runaways.

Maintaining the acclaim they garnered from the launch of their inaugural issue last year, co-editors Rosie Dalton and Laura Bannister have curated another intelligent cross-country magazine, appropriately titled Satisfaction. Inside, pages are filled with vibrant fashion editorials by the likes of Pierre Toussaint, Paris-based Lea Colombo and New York-based Benedict Brink. Creative works from emerging acrylic artist James Ettelson and digital illustrator Nyssa Sharp feature seamlessly between pages containing nostalgic mixtapes from The Cinematic Orchestra founder, Jason Swinscoe and Panama front man, Jarrah McCleary.

Through its combined leanings towards fashion, art, and thought-provoking tales of interesting people and places around the world, BRACE #2 manages to distance itself from the pack. “We’re interested in longer-form cultural journalism; sharp, astute and crafted with integrity,” says Bannister. “Things that might sit outside of the news cycle but are of perennial interest and importance.”

True to form, photographer Chris Saunders captures a conflicting portrait of Rwanda’s first cycling team. In a country ravaged by loss, it’s an equal embodiment of hope and sadness. On the lighter side, yet with no less conviction, Rosie Dalton delves into the world of New York’s fortune-telling scene with a piece on 78-year-old tarot reader, Nancy Stark; a life that offers an historical glance into an eccentric realm of spirituality.

BRACE # 2 is available in all good Australian news agencies, art galleries and select boutiques.