Already a respected and sought after gem of the Australian fashion scene, Gary Bigeni really hit his stride at this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. But the one-man-band has turning heads since the inception of his eponymous women’s fashion label in 2004.

In an industry that can be tough and fickle (especially in current economic times), Begini has proved that he has what it takes. Graduating from the Sydney Institute of Technology in 2002, Bigeni always had an eye on founding his own label and has worked hard to make it happen. “My confidence and dedication has kept me going and I thank my Mum for that,” he says. “She was a single mother bringing up four children, she instilled discipline in us and always encouraged us to work hard for what we wanted.

“I was always creating as a kid, namely making outfits for all the toys in the house. I would sneak into Mum’s wardrobe and cut large circles out of the bottom of her dresses so I could create collections for GI Joe and Barbie.”

From adorning his toy collection to Fashion Week and the attention of Australian and international markets, Begini has cultivated a brand that is both beautiful to look at and beautifully crafted. Often called the master of draping – and for good reason – Begini’s designs are constructed from seductive silhouettes and sophisticated tailoring. His work is testament to the notion that good tailoring will always be in fashion.

“For the latest collection, I wanted to evolve with different fabrics and shapes and also inject more of my personal feelings and style with more prints and colour,” says the brightly dressed designer. “I’ve injected my own personal style and I think the gamble has paid off.” The fashion pack certainly thinks so, with strong praise for the collection and a continued loyal following.

The Gary Bigeni brand is also expanding and evolving in other ways, including the addition of the Bigeni Basics line, which offers great practical fashionable basics at a lower price point than the main collections.

”I have approached this by looking at my friends as they mature and their lives change. I want to provide basics for them that will compliment their wardrobes but still have a customised feel. This works well with the Australian culture of clean and casual looks.”

Bigeni has also partaken in various collaborations, aligning with well-known and newer brands, including a range of shoes for Brisbane-based label Tom Gunn and limited edition nail wraps for ASOS’s Nail Rock Designer Collection. Models in his recent Spring/Summer 2012/13 show, meanwhile, were adorned in frames from newcomer glasses label Specs Addict.

Already working on his next collection, Bigeni is looking forward to moving into a new larger studio and having a holiday after the hoopla of Fashion Week. “I think it’s time for a nice getaway with friends.”

He certainly deserves it.