The boys (and girls) of Bellroy are anything if not thorough. But it’s a very reassuring kind, the kind that makes you feel confident when considering, in this case, a new wallet.

They also have an obsessive nature when it comes to how you carry your cards and cash. They call it carryology, and while it doesn’t really roll off the tongue it further demonstrates the fanaticism of the Bellroy brand inherit in every product.

Based somewhere between Melbourne and the surf coast (not far from Torquay) the Bellroy philosophy is all about providing wallets of varying sizes and capabilities with the minimum of environmental impact. As they say themselves “Bellroy is about better carrying” so you won’t see any other products that stray from this absolute focus.

So are they any good? Well yes, they’re pretty cool; the best thing is that each of their five styles is considered. There are flashes of colour instead of colours that are flashy, the leathers are carefully chosen for their strength and durability, vegetable tanned to age gracefully and provide greater resilience than other more poisonous processes.

Possibly the greatest consideration made by Bellroy is their attention to wallet weight and thickness (Bellroy on the left above). The majority of the range includes smaller zip up styles or wallets designed to for less bulk, but they all feature the same thin leather that gives them their personal quality of a clean and flat back pocket.

I’m a big fan of the Hide and Seek and Slim Sleeve wallets, particularly in tan. But it’s the methods employed by Bellroy that I really like; the fact that they’re local and producing a focused, world class product, and as far as I can tell are really enjoying what they do.