Belinda Navéz’s jewellery showcases are designed to reconnect customers with the personal stories behind each glittering creation. The third of these champagne-laden soirees will take place on Wednesday night at Pleasance House Gallery, where attendees can get up close and personal with rare gems by European and Australian designers and hear about their journey.

“Creative people fascinate me,” Navéz says. “I enjoy the story behind each piece. My sister gave me a ring she bought at a Croatian market and I love telling people the story behind it.”

The event will launch Elke Kramer’s Autumn/Winter Alchemy collection, and Kramer says she is looking forward to meeting customers in person. “This event will connect people physically to the jewellery in a way you can’t do on the website,” she says. “It is often a game of Chinese Whispers that is played by seller and buyer, and you miss out on direct dialogue. This is the first opportunity I’ve had to showcase my jewellery in this way.”

Describing Alchemy, she says the signature collection is a result of “pushing the limits of and experimenting with different forms and colours”. The collection reflects her interest in modernist design and art deco and is inspired by vintage jewellery. Tassel earrings, for instance, are a flowing embodiment of the 1920s. “They create a sense of movement and really evoke that time,” Kramer says.

Another key aspect of Kramer’s jewellery is her clever approach to creating wearable pieces that exist on a higher aesthetic plane. “Resin is used to mimic stones and the result is non-precious jewellery that looks precious,” she says. “You have these pieces made from plastic that look like blocks of expensive stones.”

Kramer’s aren’t the only jewels on show for the evening, with four European designers presenting their work. All are characterised by bold statement pieces, many of them one-offs. “Croxe is contemporary bling, where Swarovski meets rubber,” says Navéz of the Spanish label. “And Lara Bohinc from London is timeless – yellow gold and platinum pieces that are big and bold.” French-born labels are also in the mix. “Sandrine de Montard contrasts hard and soft, leather with metal and Phillipe Ferrandis’ jewellery is Hollywood glamour, art deco with lots of swarovskis.”

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Navéz says she feels that such inimitable jewellery deserves to be showcased as an art form in its own right. She is passionate about the story behind the designs, travelling overseas to learn what inspires the designers and how each piece has been created. Jewellery has traditionally been linked to sentiment, place and memory, and Navéz’s events aim to restore these personal connections.

Navéz Jewellery Event
Pleasance House Gallery
Level 4, 178 Collins Street, Melbourne
Wednesday 9 May, 8pm
RSVP to by 4pm Wednesday