Here’s a tip for anyone who wears shoes, get down to Beggar Man Thief in South Melbourne, a new store that is without a doubt selling some of the best shoes available in Melbourne. But what makes Beggar Man Thief great is the fact that it’s cool and not hip, because the owners Marc Godfrey and Scott Lewis really do want you in a product that lasts for years. Crucially you don’t feel like you’re trespassing, it doesn’t feel like you or the staff are playing dress-ups and men won’t feel like they accidentally wandered into the wrong place. There’s no song and dance about it, they simply provide footwear with a smile and probably a story too.

You’ll be talked with and not at or down to, they embrace the new and the experienced alike, so if this is your first pair of serious shoes as an adult you’re in safe hands, if you know your Loake’s from your Grenson’s you can rest assured they do too. But it’s more than that; the reason you should get down to Beggar Man Thief is not because they have an amazing product selection (and they do) but because attitude is everything and having a good one the difference.

Beggar Man Thief has dare tread (yes, tread) where others haven’t, picking up short run exclusives from established shoe makers like Grenson, Sebago and New Balance, selecting shapes and cuts that will suit Australian men and which demonstrate maturity and sophistication but not at a loss of fun and individuality. There are also some pretty nice things in the store alongside their extensive range of shoes and each item is a window into Marc and Scott’s mind and thinking. Paul Kelly’s biography and Nick Cave’s latest novel sit along side Ruby helmets of Paris and extensive range of sunglasses that again, reflect the idea of being cool and happy but not hip or ‘in-fashion’.

But if you have the wherewithal, a pair of Loake 1880 Ashby brogues is the shoe you’ll be buried in. So for the next year the recommendation is, put away a dollar a day and have something that is truly and honestly an investment.

The old saying ‘the poor man pays twice’ does not exist here.

Beggar Man Thief
244 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne
(03) 9686 3006

Mon-Fri 9am-6pm
Sat 8am-4pm