Loosely organised to coincide with the pointy end of the AFL season, Beggar Man Thief has delved into the Puma archives to present an exhibition of historic sporting images.

The collection features photographs chronicling the all-stars of the AFL – men like Hudson, Knights and ‘The Dipper’ are all present. But the real highlights of the exhibition are the moments and athletes Puma has shod since Jesse Owens at the Berlin Olympics.

The infamous Black Power salute of the 1968 Mexican Olympics features, as well Randy Williams’ gold medal long jump of the following games in Munich.

Looking at an image of NBA superstar Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier, it’s not hard to see where Will Farrell must have looked at for his best version of a 1970s basketballer in Semi-Pro. Frazier completes a green blazer and matching hat with a two-tone, cream and burgundy Rolls Royce. What else would you have him drive?

The archive also touches on Puma founder Rudolf Dassler’s early days at the company, as well as the breaks and records that set Puma’s wheels in motion.

It’s an interesting display of photographs and a good excuse to get down to South Melbourne and see what Beggar Man Thief does best: hang out, talk shop and have fun.

The Archives opens tonight (Thursday September 20) at 6pm and runs until October 20.

Beggar Man Thief
244 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne