A Holly Ryan piece of jewellery will take you by surprise. From afar the earrings from her Lushlife collection might look like your regular simple studs, but up close they’re two high fiving hands, or evil eyes protecting the wearer’s lobes. Likewise, her pendants and rings are dainty at a distance, but get a little nearer and you realise Ryan has captured an unsuspecting mini cactus, dancing palm tree or fruit bowl pineapple and spun it into gold to adorn the necks, fingers and wrists of those who like their jewellery a little less typical.

In keeping with the Brisbane based jeweller’s penchant for the unexpected, Ryan has reimagined her mainstay Lushlife range, available all year round, in solid 9ct rose gold.

“Rose gold has more warmth than yellow gold, it’s a little off the beaten track, it feels a little more personal. It is always a much rarer find to discover rose gold than yellow gold in a vintage store,” Ryan says.

The campaign images, shot entirely on film by local photographer Charlie Brophy, take the viewer on a journey into obscurity, to an isolated beachside spot where “the ocean meets the rocky shore”. The natural world provides the perfect backdrop to showcase the striking simplicity of Ryan’s designs. It is this privileging of the organic, unusual and pared back that underpin the ethos of the Holly Ryan label.

As Ryan lists, “Sipping piña coladas after surfing all day, sitting under palms eating pineapples on the beaches of my hometown, laying in a hammock to read and long walks under the milky way ”, amongst her inspiration, it’s easy to imagine her jewellery is created effortlessly, appearing perhaps as a magical beachside offering out of thin air.

Instead, each piece is laboriously designed and hand crafted by Ryan herself, a process that is anything but effortless, but ensures anyone lucky enough to score a Ryan original can be sure it will keep them company on the hammock for endless rounds of piña coladas. Two rose gold pineapples for my ears, please.

Holly Ryan Jewellery is available online via hollyryan.com.au.