Bassike, the brand that epitomises the idea of fashionable simplicity, released their high summer collection with a sweltering campaign shot in the streets of New York.

The series resonates with Bassike's trademark designs; simple, soft tailoring, and an effortless look that doesn't draw away from the personal style of the wearer with wardrobe staples that can be worn with ease.

The high summer series feature a range of new styles and continuum of Bassike originals; denim, organic cottons, jersey and trademark t-shirts. High waisted, tapered ankle denim jeans for her, chalky pastel pink denim for him, subtle stripes, interesting cuts creating soft silhouettes. Positioned against a background of inner-city suburbia and unmistakable New York greenery, there's a certain summer haziness running throughout.

Bassike currently have up to 50% their women's and men's summer and high summer collections. Only through their online store at