Summer is here, which means it’s time to get your swimwear locked down so you can run to the beach on that first 40-degree day. There are some excellent Australian swimwear labels going around, and we’re beginning to see a new trend in the design.

The (literally) no-frills approach is modern swimwear that is simple, elegant and timeless. The emphasis is on quality, shape and fit, not on anything showy or, tricked-out.

These are just some of the labels helping us breathe easy when it comes to selecting our swimwear.

This Sydney-based label makes dressing for the beach effortless. Ilona Hamer describes her swimwear line Matteau as: “clean, simple and practical”.

There are only three tops (two triangles and a crop top), three bottoms (ranging from briefs to high-rise) and a one-piece. All of which come in the same three colours: black, navy and khaki, and are designed to mix-and-match in reliable, timeless ensembles.

“When you see a woman at the beach and she looks chic and effortless and put together, it really stops you in your tracks,” Hamer says. “There is an allure about a woman in a great black or navy swim-suit – and we want to hone in on that.”

Australian-made label Her. keeps things classic, with a minimalist attention to detail. Small mesh panels accentuate the cut and shape of some garments, while others use carefully placed lines to focus the fit. The colour palette for the season includes cool blues, stone grey and pops of orange.

Head designer Tuyen Nguyen says, “While our designs do follow some trends, we mostly want to produce pieces that will remain in the wardrobe year after year … your staples.”

“We put a lot of time and care into the cut and detailing, so that each design accentuates the right places and makes a woman feel at ease with herself”.

Camp Cove
Camp Cove is the more carefree and expressive one of these three labels, but it never veers into tacky. Katherine Hampton’s eye-catching retro prints take inspiration from nostalgic Australiana and opp-shop one-offs.

As Hampton says, Camp Cove is about, “Embracing and showcasing the favourite parts of yourself.” Many of the designs feature a high-cut bottom, “To accentuate and flatter the female body.”