Established in 2008, Asuza is the artistic collaboration of Dan Preston and Jonathan Redfern. Inspired by the marvels of science and psychology as well as the surrealist philosophies, Asuza is not just a clothing line; these designers aspire to create a lifestyle through an evolving journey of shape-shifting silhouettes and contours.

Earlier in the year they opened a store on Brunswick Street. The second-level location in Fitzroy has been designed as an adaptable, multi-purpose space where their collaboration can evolve its distinct aesthetic while simultaneously hosting their seasonal guest artist exhibitions. To coincide with L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Asuza opens its first in-store exhibition, by artist Fraser Anderson titled Recedor.

Fitting with the brand’s philosophies and representations of the physical and metaphysical worlds, Anderson's work both exploits and disproves our understanding of materials. He explores the basics of cheap, readily available art mediums – from a deflated balloon to the preservation of silly string muted in acrylic paint. His current technique came out of years as a key supporter of youth and street culture. Working both commercially and illegally fed his obsession with duality: legitimate and illegitimate, creation and destruction.

Asuza’s references to the natural world and its parallels equal Anderson’s concepts of duality within materials, as the studio space is filled with natural materials: timber fittings, giant sandstone rocks and river pebbles. Fitted with ambient lighting the ceiling’s skylights play host to planter boxes, out of which spill various types of vines and greenery, while crystal-like lighting rotates different colour refractions above the stairwell.

See Fraser Anderson’s in-store exhibition as well as Asuza’s latest collection at Level 1, 262 Brunswick Street Fitzroy.

Recedor runs from March 18 to 27.

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