To make way for Arabella Ramsay’s new spring/summer collection in her Armadale and GPO stores, Arabella is opening a winter clearance store.

The store opens today on Spencer Street in the Docklands where there will be 40-70% off the entire Nomadic winter collection and exclusive one off sample stock. Winter coats, fur vests, boots, scarfs and other wintery wares will be available at the store that will be open for at least a month.

And when the weather warms up a little, check out the new spring/summer 2010/11 collection ‘This Side of the Blue’, inspired by an American roadtrip - in stores now.

Arabella Ramsey Clearance Store
201 Spencer Street, Docklands
(03) 8686 7555

Mon-Sun 10am-6pm
Fri 10am-9pm