A collaboration between Antipodium and Sportsgirl will be hitting racks from early September. The partnership makes sense – even though Antipodium comes out of a studio in East London, the two names behind the label, Geoffrey J. Finch and Ashe Peacock, grew up in small Australian towns.

Finch gets nostalgic with the collection and says the best thing about the project for him was having full access to Sportsgirl’s catalogue archive. Finch made good use of the archive, putting his own twist on the Sportsgirl madras shorts, an item that was a must-have for girls in his high school years.

Antipodium play on this sense of high school nostalgia throughout, with an adolescent schoolyard twist brought to items such as the baggy tartan pinafore, a burgundy hooded parka and the trusty old horizontal striped tee. The collection also features pale paisley prints and a bold lined maxi skirt. Finch created a new print for the collection entitled ‘mandana’, adding a distinctly personal signature by hiding his own bespectacled face in its patterns.

With pieces priced from $80 to $150, this range is more accessible to high school salaries than the straight Antipodium wares favoured by names such as Alexa Chung and Beth Ditto. For the most part, it manages to be fun at the same time as retaining a somewhat straightforward, casual sense of pragmatism.

Founded in 2006 as a capsule range for Peacock’s East London boutique, Antipodium continue their rise.

Available at selected Sportsgirl stores from Monday September 12 and online from Monday September 5.