Do we ever really grow up? We may indeed grow wiser and more open to new experiences, like eating Stilton blue cheese without wrinkling our noses for example, or garlicky escargot. But do we ever really make it to The Land of Grown-ups, that hallowed place we imagined to be so splendid when we were kids? The latest issue of Incu’s biannual print magazine, Incu Edition, traces the evolution of a select few around Australia who may not be all grown up themselves, but have forged fully-formed businesses or careers, each in different stages of growth.

Cult New Zealand-based designer Karen Walker recalls the feeling of selling her first t-shirt in 1989, which then evolved into jewellery, shoes and eyewear. Andy Walker and Gabriela Holland of local business Pop Plant are in the business of making things grow quite literally, with their indoor-plant pop-up shop inside Sydney's Paramount Building, while their rapidly growing baby son, Leo, totters around their feet.

Fashion-wise, photographer Martha Zakara shoots cool and preppy, not-quite-yet-grown students lounging on the steps of their Ivy League school, dressed in neat sweaters, starched collars and cuffed jeans. Nicole Glaven talks of the birth of her Sydney fashion agency, Under The Wing, and her many fears, developments and “what am I doing” moments throughout the growth of her business, home to many of Incu’s brands.

Even after tracing the achievements and undeniable expansion of each of these businesses and careers, it’s hard to read the simple interview with Edition’s mini cover stars, Beth and Jesse, both seven years old, without cracking a smile and remembering the best things about having the business of growing up ahead of you; Beth (playing all day) and Jesse (eating!).

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