For local girl Alice McCall and her eponymous cult label begun in 2004, you’d never think it was only now that she was launching her flagship store. Don’t get too excited, it is in Sydney, but no doubt there will be plans to open one in her home town shortly at the pace things are going, both overseas and on home soil.

Known for her bohemian, girlish charm, the first Alice McCall store is opening up in Sydney in December following the successful of her spring/summer collection The Accordian Girls, and in conjunction with the release of her autumn/winter 2011 collection, Birds of a Feather.

The new campaign looks pretty wild, here’s just a taste starring beauty Tullulah Morton, photographed by Jordan Graham and styled my Jolyon Mason, with graphics from Sydney artist Techa Noble of The Birthday Suit.

To be released early in December, Birds of a Feather will be in stores early 2011.

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