For Anna Humphrey and her new leather product line Graine, less is always more. After searching high and low for leather accessories that hit both the quality and the fashion forward mark, Humphrey decided to call off the search and create her own label. The brand’s raw designs combine function and fashion with knowing simplicity and a distinctively quirky style.

Humphrey has previously worked with high-end accessories labels, but has pared back her approach for Graine. It’s a Melbourne-centric exercise. Designed and handcrafted by local artisans in a small Brunswick East workshop, Graine’s products are made from 100 per cent leather, which, while not local, is sourced from the famed tanning region of Tuscany.

The label’s bags, wallets, clutches and cases are named after iconic places around Melbourne. Whether it’s the Festival Hall of Dreams nude bag or the Rags to Richmond clutch, each Graine product is unique and made carefully to ensure it lasts the test of time. Graine’s designs are unisex, unlined to emphasise the natural material and come in a selection of colours, including bold black, peach and caramel.

The nature of the high-quality leather used means that no two pieces are the same and only a small number are made, so you’re unlikely to run into someone else with the same bag. Graine might be the new kid on the block, but its clear focus on quality means that it won’t be unknown for much longer.

Graine is available online via its web store.