Founded in Melbourne back in 1987, Aesop has come a long way in its first 25 years. Not only are their products available in over 50 flagship stores internationally – as well as at Aesop counters in department stores the world over – Aesop's full range is also available online. But today sees the brand enter another realm as they launch of their first film collaboration with Australian-born, Amsterdam-based artist Lucy McRae.

McRae is a rare talent. An artist, designer and ballerina, her multifaceted background and skills prove perfect for translating the Aesop vision into film.

Entitled Morphe, this three and a half minute featurette is a subtle, playful rumination on the Aesop laboratories, depicting a diligent scientist applying a plethora of esoteric skin treatments to a sleeping beauty.

Inspired firstly by Hermann von Helmholtz, a scientist and philosopher, Aesop and McRae deliver a serene meditation upon the science of beauty.

Says McRae of the collaboration: "I wanted to suggest a journey inside a world beyond skincare, one that involves farther realms of perception within the sensory landscape of the human body. At the edge of this world, the skin and hair play key roles for the female specimen fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of a new kind of super-sensory beauty treatment."

Take a look:

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