At the new above store, the label’s two designers are dressed in matching outfits: adorable blue and white checked dresses with long sleeves that can sit on the arms as they are or be casually tied around the neck. Nyssa Marrow has accessorised with a measuring tape and black belt, while Kerry Findlow’s staple white singlet is layered beneath. “It keeps happening,” laughs Marrow of she and Findlow’s corresponding ensembles. “[This dress] is so comfortable in this bloody heat!”

This moment highlights the above philosophy – a focus on clothes that will last the test of time and transcend the whims of trend. Comfort reigns, as does versatility. Perhaps it’s a Melbourne thing, crafting clothes that can become something entirely different according to your mood or the weather.

The establishment of the duo’s first store is something to be celebrated. Located just off Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, the compact store fronts the above studio. It’s perfectly laid out, with the open space allowing for customers to see the designers in action while they peruse the fruits of their work. As such, the store aligns perfectly with above’s focus on individuality, allowing for custom fittings, special orders and small style runs.

The pieces currently on display are a mix of current season and special pieces up for grabs. Findlow and Marrow prefer to work in an organic way that mixes the seasonal fashion rotation with the flexibility of crafting styles on a whim. It may seem behind the times at first, but fashion’s insatiable appetite for the new and different actually sits flush with the concept of building a wardrobe that is as changeable as it is unique. Findlow and Marrow want you to have a relationship with your clothes, and their beautiful new store is the place to begin.

107 Victoria Street, Fitzroy
(03) 9415 8320

Thurs to Sat 10am–5pm

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