From Gucci to Net-A-Porter, luxury retailers have been jumping on the iPad app bandwagon since we first got our hands on the device. A new recruit to the scene is Louis Vuitton, this month launching their 100 Legendary Trunks app.

An adaption of the hardcover book by the same name, the app takes us on an interactive journey through 150 years of luggage archives via videos, sound clips and illustrations. Though upon first impressions this doesn’t sound dissimilar to a look book, in reality it delves deeper much deeper. The app explores the celebrity-littered history of Louis Vuitton via those who owned its most exclusive pieces; Harry Houdini’s custom-built magicians trunk, Elizabeth of England’s suitcase, the vanity case built for Sharon Stone and Takashi Murakami’s artist’s trunk all make appearances.

The app has been launched as part of Louis Vuitton’s ‘Year of the Trunk’. Having kicked off in March with a runway spectacular boasting a real-life steam train, it’s safe to predict that this release is one in a long line of branded experiences to launch in the coming months.

The release also follows a positive reception for Louis Vuitton’s iPhone app, Amble, which works as a travel aid and pitches the brand as the jetsetter’s companion. Sure, 100 Legendary Trunks is less practical than its predecessor, but its fascinating historical content will hold your attention.

At $19.99 this app isn’t cheap, but you can rest assured that you’re spending a fraction of the cost of an LV trunk.

Louis Vuitton: 100 Legendary Trunks is available for download now on iTunes.