Yokoso Collingwood-Fitzroy Japan Festival

Sun 17th January, 2021
12:30pm – 7:00pm
Various locations
Six of the inner-city's best Japanese restaurants are on board, and there'll be live music, a vintage market, raffles and more.

With a name meaning "welcome", this festival celebrating Japanese food, arts and culture promises a fun day out.

While a holiday in Japan is off the cards for now, Yokoso is taking you there with must-try Japanese dishes, non-stop music at a concert on Peel Street Park and a vintage market with kimono, fabrics, crafts and more.

Most of the action will be at Peel Street, but a special taste of Japan passport will let you try dishes and drinks such as sake or yuzu soda from Tamura Sake Bar, gyoza from specialist Chotto Motto, Wabi Sabi Salon's tofu katsu curry, and more from Neko Neko, Aka Siro and Shimbashi Soba.

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