Wizard’s Tournament

Fri 11th October, 2019 – Sun 20th October, 2019
The Store of Requirement Melbourne
6 Smith Street, Collingwood
Price: $99−$190
Know your doxies from your Cornish pixies? Put your name in the goblet for this Harry Potter-themed trivia night.

If you’ve ever fancied yourself a Triwizard champion in the making, The Store of Requirement’s Wizard’s Tournament will put your skills to the test.

Smith Street's magical souvenir shop is hosting a series of Harry Potter-themed escape room slash trivia nights where teams of two to four can unleash their inner Hermione Grangers.

There’ll be wizarding challenges, trivia questions, and riddles and puzzles to solve for bonus points. Plus, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans to snack on (if you’re game) and Butterscotch Brews on tap.

Participants are encourages to don their finest dress robes, house colours or wackiest muggle attire.

It follows a series of sell-out Wizard's Tournaments at Queensland's Store of Requirement in Samford.

More information here.