WinterWild Festival 2018

Fri 10th August, 2018 – Sun 26th August, 2018
Price: $10–$300
An after-dark winter arts festival that’s too big for one weekend, so it’s split into two.

After a successful inaugural year in 2017, WinterWild returns to Apollo Bay in August. The festival takes place over two weekends, themed “Death” and “Birth”.

From August 10 to 12, Death will feature live music from indie rock powerhouse Tropical Fuck Storm, punk band Mesa Cosa, alternative rockers RVG and Magic Dirt's Adalita.

Melbourne-based design studio These Are The Projects We Do Together has created an audio-based walking tour, The Sublime, about pondering the human experience. Sounds by Samaan Fleck accompany the 40-minute tour based in an 86,000-square-metre quarry.

There will also be spoken-word poetry centred around food, specifically meat consumption, performed by My Year Without Meat author and Good Food columnist Richard Cornish.

Weekend number two, Birth, from August 24 to 26, will feature more music from bands such as pub rockers NUTSACK, grunge act the Refuge, and late-night acts including experimental beat makers Various Asses and the groovy Post Percy.

The festival’s "Feastiality" event on Friday August 24 will be run by caterer and chef Peter Ford. The menu will feature "hunted and gathered" food such as pork, venison, bouillabaisse, wallaby and root vegetables. It will be accompanied by a burlesque performance from Moira Finucane.

Richard Cornish will return with wine writer Max Allen for The Hungry Gentlemen – a talk exploring why we eat what we eat. Max Allen will also be giving talks with ecologist and Yuin man Jack Pascoe on Indigenous food and drink.

Both weekends will include screenings of eco-horror film Terror Nullius, as well of bonfires, DJ sets, food and cocktails.

For more information here.